The longer this whole Covid story drags on the more people are becomming stressed out. Loosing a grip and refusing to believe that this is the new reality.

The number of casses of depression has shot up astronomically, in the U.S alone, cases of severe depression have tripled ! The new norm doesn’t seem to sit well, there appears to be a collective sense of disbelief and loss of self.

This situation blind sided everyone, we all had plans of one sort or another. While it is annoying to have to change or cancel them, I believe there is a need to put ones ego away, look at the big picture, and allow oneself to realise that it’s not all doom and gloom.

It’s far too easy to despair and brood over the negative side of this event, therefore an act of love towards oneself is to focus on the positive aspects. Yes, there are some.

Life has slowed down, giving us a chance to appreciate our relationships with friends and family, allowing us to spend real quality time with them. Many of us had lost the art of genuine connections due to the busy lives we were creating and living. Now we have time to just chill, smell the coffee and honestly enjoy life.

Take time to enjoy life

Education for everyone, but in partucular for those wishing to further their education or learn something new has become more affordable and digitized, meaning there are truly no more excuses and many more opportunities.

We’ve had to become aware of good hygiene practices. While there have always been viruses, and bacteria everywhere, we became complacent, forgetting to cover our mouths when  we cough, to wash our hands regularly and quite frankly getting too up close and personal to people in public places, the new norm is health friendly for everyone.

Then of course there are the more obvious positives such as bluer skies, less pollution, less trafic, a slight fall in crime, improved diet and exercise habits, generally people are making better lifestyle choices.

Start a side hustle 

To further ease the current situation, empower, and show ourselves some love, we can invent fun and distracting things to do. Learn new techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, meditation or muscle relaxation and manifestation. Take up a new hobby, or simply make time to just read a book, and linger in bed in the morning. Start a side hustle which will help grow self confidence. There are endless things one can distract the mind with, all of which will enhance wellbeing and feelings of love towards ourselves.  

Dare to love yourself ❤

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