Holistic Life Coaching

Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours. As a holistic life coach I can help you clarify what is holding you back, keeping you stuck or just not making sense. Starting  from what’s already working in your life we build from there. The goal is to provide you with tools to make life smoother, build resiliency and feel more personally empowered.

Work with me

Working together, incorporating your unique circumstances to make real change happen. I will support you to discover the right tools, to enable yourself to find your purpose and passion, get unstuck, and have the life you truly want.

How it works

Free Clarity call

 30 minute 1-1 private session either in person or online

During this call we will establish if we are right for each other, and if you are ready to face what is holding you back, as well as a brief overview of what you want, and where you want your journey to take you.

1-1 session

 60 minute 1-1 private session either in person or online

We take a look at what you want to leave behind, look ahead and plan what you want going forward for the immediate future

 At the end of each session we can decide how best for you to continue your journey

3 month "Fuel Your Sparkle"™ programme

 “Fuel Your Sparkle”™ 12 week programme, to create the change  you want in your life

Weekly 60 minutes 1-1 private sessions over 12 weeks either in person or online

Personalised holistic action plan set together week by week to help you get the most out of the sessions. 

Unlimited support via phone/text/email

1-1 Session



6 week programme



12 week programme