The life of your dreams begins with your thought process. More often than not we are unaware of our thoughts, and the impact they have on our emotional wellbeing, as well as the way we live our lives. The single most important factor that influences the way in which we experience every moment of our lives are our thoughts

Some of you may have heard of the book We are what we eat, while that is largely a true statement, much more to the point is that we are what we think. Ironically though we are never really taught how to think. I can already imagine the looks of incomprehension, after all isn’t thinking an automatic and natural process? Yes it is, however thinking intentionally and on purpose is something that we are not taught. Only once you have learnt how to be in control of your thoughts can you understand what a huge game changer it is.

Learning how to pay attention to your thoughts, the words, actions and beliefs that come from those thoughts will allow you to receive and achieve what you think about. The flip side to this is random, disorganised or negative thinking which more often than not will have the outcome of attracting negative things into your life.

The brain is our largest muscle, not in terms of actual size but in regards to what it is capable of. It is an incredibly powerful muscle, which we tend to grosely under use, or misuse. Thinking correctly is a process which ought to be taught from a very young age, so we could avoid a lot of unnecessary stress, heartache and anxiety. Instead all too often we are taught to second guess ourselves, to think of the worst outcome first, to play it safe, all of which stifles our natural desire to thrive and be happy .

5 steps to immediately improve your thought process ?

  • Choose yourself
  • show up like you belong
  • stop taking everything personally
  • Make your self talk the same as you talk to the person you love the most
  • Don’t wait for approval from others

Ultimately living a life in which you thrive, not just survive comes down to your way of thinking, to the limiting beliefs which are holding you back, and to your desire to change your thought process. If you find yourself asking questions like : What happened to the old me? When did it get so boring? I thought there was more to life than this? etc. Basically if you are tired of being tired, then perhaps it’s time to adress the problem. Wouldn’t is be wonderful to feel more alive, be more authentic, do what makes you happy. Do you long to enjoy each and every day? It starts with you deciding to decide that you want more for yourself than what you currently have, and we are not talking material things here, rather inner peace and well-being. If you feel ready to embrace the new you click this link and lets have a chat

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