I was always under the impression that spring was the overall favorite time of year, so it may come as a surprise that Autumn is in fact notoriously the most loved season.

While I do very much like spring, there is something magical about autumn. A time of endings and beginnings. This time of year entices us to slow down, to develop, or for some, deepen our relationship with ourselves.

There is something powerfully attractive about autumn, with its pallette of delightfully warm colours, chunky sweaters, the smell of the earth after the rain on fallen leaves, the cool and fresh air. It invites calmness and quiet contentment.

Contrary to summer where we spend many hours outdoors enjoying the sunshine, faster pace, excitement and passion. Now we turn inwards to rediscover the joy of home, more hearty yet healthy food, and tasks which were set aside for this very season.

Autumn Harmony And Love
Hearty autumnal food and sumptous velvety red wines

Now is when we need to make time to ease into the inevitable change that nature makes, but which we too must make. Question all that has gone before during this year. Time when we ask ourselves if we are where we want to be on our path, as well as, what is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now. Time to show ourselves lots of love, by putting behind us that which we cannot change, and changing that which we are able to.

Here are just a few things to do to  show yourself some love whilst pondering on the more obscure, less easily obtainable changes that need to be made within ourselves and for our wellbeing.

  • Take long walks in the countryside listening to the rustle of the leaves underfoot
  • Whatever form autumn takes where you live, luxuriate in the colours and scents whilst outdoors, and indoors bake spicy autumn goodies, or light up your favourite autumn scented candle. Two wonderful candles which I love myself with are : 1917 Scented Candle (Frama) or Pomegranate & Spruce Jar candle (paddywax candles) but there are many to choose from.
  • Delight yourself with a warm autumnal drink, mulled wine, rich hot chocolate and whipped cream, or a pumkin latte.
  • Definitely make time to treat yourself to a full home facial with some luscious quality products, whilst waiting for the mask to do its magic, delve into a good book.
Autumn Harmony And Love

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