A recently mown lawn, a freshly peeled orange, a brush past a lavender bush. What does this have to do with self-love ? At some point every month it is estimated that each of us experiences some form of stress, sleep issues, or what I call misery moments.

One very effective method to counterbalance this is the use of our olfactory sense, or more simply put, our sense of smell.

Aromatic plants and herbs have been used for the benefit of bettering ones general sense of wellbeing since time immimorial. Diving into mindfulness, soothing ones moods and stimulating ones memories (preferably pleasant ones) has been around since long before anyone understood the science behind it.

Our olfactory neurones have a direct connection to the brain’s emotional and memory centers,which is why whenever we smell something it automatically has an emotional link to some event, location or place in time, which in turn evokes a reaction of calming, pleasure, joy, and many other wonderful sensations, or at the other end of the spectrum displeasure, fear, disgust etc

Fortunately, we are able to engineer the type of reaction we have through the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is a  form of self-love which I am very fond of, It is accessible to everyone plus one doesn’t need to be a master aromatherapist to tap into its many benefits.

I stick to two main methods to enjoy essential oils on a daily basis. Difusion, either heat or ultrasonic difusers, whereby a few drops of ones chosen oil is mixed with a little water, and a vapour is released into the air. (There are also nebulising difusers but these tend to be on the more expensive side, and use more essential oil. )The other method is topical use. Having chosen your favourtie aroma or combination of scents, mix a few drops with a carrier oil, I prefer pure almond oil. It can then be applied to the skin in strategic points such as the wrists, the neck, or the temples in order to get the maximum therapeutic benefit.

It Just Makes Sense

Lavender is a staple in my collection of oils, it helps induce restful sleep, calm anxeity, is detoxifying, and antimicrobial. Lemon oil, not to be confused with lemon grass or lemon verbena oils, is another firm favourite, its benefits include easing stress, elevating ones mood, and stimulating the immune system. A note of caution when using this oil topically is to avoid ultraviolet light (sunlight) as it may have adverse effects on the skin. Third preference is peppermint oil, it adds a delightful fresh smell to any room, a drop used on the temples does wonders for headaches, mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed into the skin when one has mild muscle pain is immensely soothing. Then one can make any number of mixes, what one chooses to mix is just a matter of personal preference, or one could use ready mixed combinations.

Such an easy and joyful way to love oneself, allow yourself to indulge your sense of smell daily, with an array of fragrances. Change your mood, bring on lovely memories, create a warm and fuzzy feeling deep within you. Love yourself !

If you would like to know more about the recreational use of aromatherapy oils, It forms a part of my self-love yearly retreat, which I hope to hold next year, all being well Covidwise.

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